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BREAKING: 48Hrs After Drooling Kennedy Slammed Trump At SOTU – Look What Was Seen At His House!




President Donald Trump delivered his best speech to date. It was probably the best State Of The Union address of our lifetimes. Over 40 million Americans saw the speech, and it got rave reviews from both Democrats and Republicans. But after the President was finished,  the Democrats, who don’t have anyone in their stable, picked a byproduct of a bygone era to give the rebuttal.

They picked the drooling born with a silver spoon Joe Kennedy Jr. from the defunct Kennedy dynasty to give their response to the President’s remarkable speech. “Do as I say not as I do.” That’s what the Democrat Party slogan should be in 2018. And the drooling Democrat Joe Kennedy Jr. is no different.

Leaving the optics of the drooling Kennedy aside, what stood out to most people was something Kennedy said during the speech itself which was a direct attack on Trump’s proposed border wall.  The same wall we so desperately need to drastically reduce illegal immigration this country has been suffering from for decades.

Kennedy defiantly stated, “build a wall and my generation will tear it down!” He believes this nation should have open borders and that “my generation” will tear it down. Speak for yourself drooling Joe, I am of your “generation,” and I will fight tooth and nail to get this wall built, and to keep it standing.

But this is the perhaps the most outrageous part of his statement. You would think this Kennedy knows illegal aliens and lives amongst them like most of us in the middle class do. I don’t think he lives amongst illegals. Or even legal immigrants. He clearly forgot to mention that his family had lived behind walls for years!

The Daily Caller had more information on the Kennedy home behind a giant wall:

Beside saliva malfunctions and reminders of his Uncle Ted’s role in Mary Jo Kopechne’s death, Joe Kennedy III’s rebuttal to the State of the Union address had other issues.

The congressman used lofty rhetoric regarding what would happen if he were in charge of border integrity.

Yet the young congressman failed to mention that generations of Kennedys preceding him have enjoyed the protections and sanctity provided by walls and extra security at compounds stretching from Cape Cod to Palm Beach.

et the young congressman failed to mention that generations of Kennedys preceding him have enjoyed the protections and sanctity provided by walls and extra security at compounds stretching from Cape Cod to Palm Beach.

When the Kennedy family sold the estate in Palm Beach, Florida in 1995, the walls and gate were the only part of the two-acre oceanfront compound to be legally protected, according to The New York Times. The family had fought for years to keep the estate from historical designation to help resale value and make remodeling less complicated for a new owner.

The estate, which is only six miles from Mar-a-Lago, sold again in 2015 for $31 million. Meanwhile, the famed six-acre Kennedy compound with three homes on the Hyannis Port waterfront often had extra layers of police protection due to tourist curiosity surrounding the Kennedys. The estate was bequeathed to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute after the senator’s death in 2009.”

How funny is it that someone has the nerve to criticize President Trump and his border wall ideas, but forgets to mention that his very own family had spent many years living behind walls? It’s another example of a double standard where they can do it, but no one else can – especially President Trump!

Donald Trump wants to protect American citizens from violent criminals and illegal intruders just like anyone with a fence or wall around their home wants to protect their family. Trump’s family is the American citizens and they deserve protection from criminals. There’s no reason anyone should disagree with the concept of strong border protection. Everyone should accept legal immigrants while denying the illegal immigrants because they’re not following the law. If we’re a country of laws, then we need to follow them.

This Kennedy is indeed a Kennedy through and through. Hypocrites to the core, from turning their backs on the mob, which helped John F. Kennedy get elected, to the killing of a young intern when Ted Kennedy allowed her to drown in his car. They should be nowhere near any position of power.

Please share if you just want the Kennedy clan and their corruption just to go away.

Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He's worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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Eric Holder Caught On Video Before FL Shooting Making Sick Admission He Never Wanted Out [Watch]

He didn’t want anyone else to see this…



Former Attorney General Eric Holder is one of those classic politicians that delights his party and infuriates the other side. He served faithfully under former President Obama as the Attorney General, where he was the first person to hold that office to be held in contempt of Congress for withholding documents in an ongoing congressional probe.

This is the same Holder who is considering a presidential bid for the 2020 election. Many believe this to be an exciting prospect on both sides. It would give liberals hope for what would likely be an Obama 2.0, and it encourages the right because he’s not the middle ground candidate that the left desperately needs if they plan to oust President Trump.

His political chances decrease by the day because of how plain-spoken he was in the past about the real liberal agenda. His support of overly restrictive regulations has shown time and again that he represents a faction of the political insiders who want to strip Americans of their rights and rob this nation for whatever they can take from it.

Holder’s controversial opinions were brought up again in 2016 when the then-presidential candidates were asked how they would deal with curbing the potential for problems like what happened in Parkland Florida last week. Politifact reported that Senator Cruz referred to Holder’s gun policies as the exact opposite to what needs to be done to cure gun violence:

“During the Republican presidential debate in North Charleston, S.C., Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, re-litigated the background of President Barack Obama’s former attorney general, Eric Holder.

One of the debate moderators, Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business Network, asked Cruz for “the answer” to stopping mass shootings and violent crime.

‘The answer is simple,’ he said. ‘You prosecute criminals. You target the bad guys. You know, a minute ago, (co-debate moderator Neil Cavuto) asked, ‘What has President Obama done to illustrate that he wants to go after guns? Well, he appointed Eric Holder as attorney general. Eric Holder said he viewed his mission as brainwashing the American people against guns. He appointed Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, someone who has been a radical against the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.’

We raised our eyebrows at Cruz’s mention of Holder and what he said. Is Cruz right?

Let’s go to the videotape from back in 1995, a time when there really were such things as videotapes.

In January 1995, Holder — then the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia — gave a speech announcing a plan to curb gun violence in the city of Washington, D.C.

Here’s a portion of the speech, recorded by C-SPAN.

‘What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that’s not cool, that it’s not acceptable, it’s not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we changed our attitudes about cigarettes,’ Holder said. He later added, ‘We have to be repetitive about this. It’s not enough to have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it Monday. We need to do this every day of the week, and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.'”

As conservatives try not to have trigger words or phrases, but “brainwashing” would be on the list if they had one.  “Confiscation” would also be at the top in regards to gun control debates. This opinion would be slightly more palatable if this were someone whose heart was truly in keeping this country on the straight and narrow to preserve our quality of life. However, this gem named Holder seems to be willing to break the law if it serves his agenda:

“In 2012, the House of Representatives voted to hold Holder in contempt of Congress over his failure to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal. As Darrell Issa (R-CA) pointed out in 2014, when Obama’s Department of Justice finally released thousands of documents related to Operation Fast and Furious that Obama had previously claimed were exempt from congressional review, ‘When Eric Holder wants to know why he was the first Attorney General held in criminal contempt of Congress, he can read the judge’s order that compelled the production of 64,280 pages that he and President Obama illegitimately and illegally withheld from Congress.’

Holder’s legacy includes his refusal to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation; his department monitoring Fox News’ James Rosen’s phone calls and e-mails; and his decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the planner of the September 11 attacks, and his co-defendants in federal court in New York instead of military tribunals in Guantanamo Bay.”

Every once in a while we get a glimpse into the real political agenda of the left. Disarmament is just one part of the plan, but it’s an essential part that a significant portion of Americans are against. Any disliked political agenda will struggle to move forward as long as we can physically stop it. If anyone convinces us to lay down our means of defense willingly, then we open ourselves to attacks that could be a massive detriment to mankind.

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Liberals Unnerved When They Find Out What Trump Secretly Gave Melania’s Parents

They lost their minds when they found out what just happened…



This may still come as a surprise to many who remain plugged into the mainstream media, but the Trump Administration isn’t anti-immigration. They’re anti-illegal immigration, just like they’re against any laws being broken. Unfortunately, since that particular law is prohibiting the DNC from importing new unwitting voters who haven’t  yet become privy to their lies, they’re dead set against anything that might slow down their future supporters.

The current administration inherited a whole load of problems, all stemming from the lax immigration policies of the former administration. The welfare programs are overburdened, drugs are flooding the streets, and gang violence stats are at an all-time high. That’s what happens when immigrants enter the country illegally and break laws while abusing welfare systems. None of that touches the potential terrorist threat that insecure borders and chain migration bring us.

The Trump administration has made a big deal about wanting to put an end to the immigration problem. Both the administration and the Trump family are being scrutinized for being pro-legal immigration. This is especially ludicrous, considering that the First Lady is an immigrant. That connection to another country is what the New York Times is trying to use to criticize the First Couple. According to recent reports, the First Lady’s parents want a more permanent address in the United States, and liberals are criticizing the First Family for helping them get it.

“WASHINGTON — The parents of the first lady, Melania Trump, have obtained lawful permanent residency in the United States, a lawyer for the couple confirmed Wednesday, but it remains unclear how or when the couple received their green cards.

The lack of clarity about when and how Viktor and Amalija Knavs obtained their legal residencies raises questions about whether the couple secured their residency through family-based immigration, which President Trump calls chain migration and has said he wants to restrict. Immigration experts said it would have been the most direct, and most likely, way for Mrs. Trump’s parents, formerly of Slovenia, to get their green cards.”

This is an attempt to point out a double standard on the part of the First Family. There are a couple of problems with that argument; the first is that the chain migration law hasn’t been reversed yet, and while it’s probably a bad policy in the grand scheme of things, it’s still in effect.

The only reason that it is being reversed would be to keep potential terrorist out, and if the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces had a personal interview with a person and believed them to be of no threat to the United States, that’s probably good enough for most of us. That brings us to the second point; the President is allowed to overrule and make exceptions. We accept that the President is authorized to pardon proven criminals, we should also recognize that he’s allowed to put his stamp of approval on an immigrant.

No one has provided any evidence that the President’s in-laws shouldn’t enter the country, just that they want to make a political statement about their being immigrants.

“Their immigration lawyer, Michael J. Wildes, declined to offer any details.

‘It’s a privilege to help this family, but I have to respect their privacy as well,’ Mr. Wildes said in a brief interview.

‘Immigration is in our DNA,’ he added. ‘We have to take great pride, no matter where somebody hails from, in that legacy.’

Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for Mrs. Trump, wrote in an email that she would not comment on Mrs. Trump’s parents because ‘they are not part of this administration, and deserve their privacy.’ The Washington Post first reported the Knavses’ immigration status.

Under family-based immigration, adult American citizens can petition for residency for their parents, adult married children and siblings. Mr. Trump would limit that to spouses and children under 21.

In the Knavses’ case, Mrs. Trump, who became a citizen in 2006 after obtaining a green card, would have sponsored them.’

It also might have been possible, Mr. Johnson said, for the Knavses, both in their 70s, to obtain residency through an investment visa or a work visa, although the latter would involve employer sponsorship. Mr. Knavs, a former traveling car salesman, and Mrs. Knavs, who used to design patterns for children’s clothes, both appear to be retired.”

The extended family of the leader of the free world wants to live in the United States, and it’s  a front-page issue because the President has taken a hard line on unvetted and illegal immigrants entering the United States.

We should use this as a demonstration of the fact that President Trump is pro-legal immigration. The only way that we can ensure the United States will remain the desired home address of both the rich and poor is if we keep it safe and use a well-balanced economy.

The only way we can tell the world to give us ” . . . your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” is if there’s rest for the weary, jobs for the poor and freedom to be breathed. That only happens if we take security seriously. There are velvet ropes for a reason, and no one, certainly not the President of the United States, should be shamed for extending a welcome to a legal immigrant who follows the rules of the host country.

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Florida Responds To Massacre By Renaming Special Building After The Worst Person Possible

It has been just over a week since the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida



It has been just over a week since the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida that claimed the lives of 17 innocent people. The left has been using this tragedy to further push for more gun control which to any logical person in America makes no sense, but that is liberalism for you. At any rate, while the shooting is still fresh in everyone’s minds Florida lawmakers have decided to name a building after the worst person possible in the liberal camp that is responsible for the current problems facing our country and of course, the left is cheering.

Now, for the better part of the last decade, Barack Obama was president and by the leftist logic should be held responsible for all the woes in America, right? That would make sense since for the first four years of Obama’s abysmal presidency they blamed all the issues he faced on his predecessor, George W. Bush. Well, fast forward to President Trump and the left is blaming him for the latest school shooting, “global warming,” and that shoulder pads are making a comeback in the fashion world. These moronic liberals instead of placing the blame on Obama for creating an environment of division and chaos would instead laud him as a hero.

The left does not care that Obama had a presidency of failed policies and set back race relations decades since the only thing they are focused on is Obama’s skin color to prove how “woke” they are. At any rate, pretty soon the American landscape will be dotted with monuments and statues to pay homage to Obama’s legacy which has already started taking place as cities across the country are busy erecting memorials in his honor.

Now, just days after the shooting in South Florida, a city in the same state just a few hours north has decided to rename a library in Obama’s honor, and you can bet this is just the beginning.

Here is more from Tampa Bay Times:

Speaking in front of a small crowd gathered on the front lawn of the city’s main library, Mayor Rick Kriseman announced Monday that the facility will get a $6 million renovation and be renamed in honor of President Barack Obama.

The announcement coincided with Presidents’ Day and Black History Month.

Kriseman said discussions began more than a year ago about how St. Petersburg could pay tribute to the nation’s first African-American president, “a man who served honorably for two terms and has already been ranked by historians as one of our better presidents.”

Input was sought from community leaders, among them Kai Warren of the Historic Roser Park neighborhood.

“It was universally supported by everybody,” said Warren of the group he described as diverse and made up of more than a dozen people.

The mayor noted that cities across America and the world have already begun to honor Obama’s legacy by naming schools and streets after him, but St. Petersburg felt that a library, “where books are read, ideas are exchanged, research is conducted and where forums and lectures can take place,” was the most appropriate vehicle.

“And that’s what I’m really the most excited about, what’s going to happen inside this library, with materials that focus not only on President Obama, but all of our presidents, and so much more,” Kriseman said.

Library director Mika Nelson, who read an excerpt from Emma Lazarus’ poem, The New Colossus, said during Monday’s announcement that the public library represents “the pinnacle of the democratic republic” and that its doors are open to everyone. Nelson said the library is soliciting feedback for its new focus.

Stephanie Owens, an appointee in the Obama and Clinton administrations, drew applause as she listed some of Obama’s achievements.

Much of the library’s renovation will be done with funds from the Penny for Pinellas sales tax. However, that money will not be available until 2020. Ben Kirby, a Kriseman spokesman, said the mayor and staff “are exploring ways to get the work done earlier.”

It is a testament to how well the mainstream media can brainwash a population when you see how many people in America worship Barack Obama. This man did everything in his power to divide the country and create so much racial hatred that it will take years to rectify. However, the liberal sheep across the nation can’t open their eyes to see it since they are conditioned not to question a thing the mainstream media dishes out.

Sadly, we will see more monuments erected in this charlatans honor until a new generation wakes up and realizes that what Obama did was traitors and that day is coming.

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