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BREAKING!! Obama Artist Just Accused Of BEHEADING White Women…Look What They Found!!!!

It looks as though the Obama family just found out the hard way



Former President Barack Obama and his old lady Michelle Obama just had their portraits debut to the world and the results were hilarious. As with most Presidents of the United States, they get professional portraits done and they’re supposed to represent the professionalism and great American standard. Barrack and Michelle went another route, and their portraits came out a bit different. Their paintings look like they were paid for with an EBT card and don’t look “Presidential” one bit.

Barack Obama sits on a wooden chair surrounded by flowers. He must have sat there for eight years and watched the plants grow around him. Michelle Obama sits on a chair floating in a realm of blank emptiness, which amounts to the level of contributions she’s made to the country. Ruining a school lunch program does not count as a contribution.

People on social media had a lot to say about the awkward paintings. People pointed out how odd they were and how they barely resembled the former White House residents. We gaze at Barack Obama surrounded by flowers and imagine the scene where Homer Simpson fades into a bush, only to hope that Obama one day fades into a bush as well, but doesn’t resurface unless he’s on a deserted island. Michelle Obama’s portrait looks like another woman. It doesn’t resemble her in the least. Perhaps the painter felt bad and tried to make her look better. It looks like an Aunt Jemima was painted in the 1700’s and does not look anything like what the First Lady should look like in a professional painting.

The portraits were so terrible that people kept asking “who painted this” and a quick Google search provided an immediate answer. Kehinde Wiley painted the pictures. Next people wondered who that was and if it was a male or female. Another quick Google search, and we find out that Kehinde Wiley is an African American male. It looks like Kehinde Wiley has a lot of other portraits that are beautiful. He does some fantastic work! But that’s when we noticed something that stuck out like a sore hitchhiker thumb. This is something that would make me not particularly fond of hiring him if I was a former President. This is turning out to be an absolute public relations nightmare for the Obama family. We found that Kehinde Wiley has painted a portrait of a black person holding decapitated white person head. That seems very racist and morbid. This is not someone I would hire if I was a former President. It looks as though the Obama family just found out the hard way. Either that or they just don’t care.

The Daily Caller had more information on the background of the beheaded white people portraits:
“Former President Barack Obama’s portrait painter once depicted a black woman holding the cutoff head of a white woman in a reimagining of a story from the book of Judith.

Kehinde Wiley, the painter of Obama’s portrait for the National Portrait Gallery, reimagined the story of Judith beheading Holofernes from the deuterocanonical Book of Judith as a black woman beheading a white woman years ago.

“It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing,” Wiley told New York Magazine previously.

The original story tells the tale of a young widow named Judith who steps forward to save her people by seducing and then cutting off the head of Holofernes, an Assyrian general. Countless artists have reimagined the tale, but usually feature a man and a woman. In Wiley’s version of events, Judith is a black woman who cuts off the head of a white woman.”

Most of us can understand the artistic appeal at recreating a piece of history in the form of a controversial painting. I can appreciate the artist’s daringness to try something different. It’s great when people do things that will get people talking, which these pictures surely did for the artist. In fact, the artist probably became a lot more popular when it was found out that he did something that looked racist to many people. While this isn’t art that someone would hang in their family room full of kids, it is art and art is strange.

The problem here is that it’s probably not appropriate for a former President to hire someone with a controversial history of art that depicts murdering people. Obama was supposedly the one who mended all racial tensions, but Obama sends the wrong message by hiring someone who paints pictures that scream “kill whitey.”

The art and artist are not the problems in this situation. The problem lies in the mind of Barack and Michelle Obama and their apparent interest in causing widespread division among Americans. They’re adding fuel to the fire of race relations by choosing an artist who paints beheaded white people. That’s the bigger issue that needs to be addressed. They should have selected an artist who does not have a history of painting white people with their head’s cut off. As for the artist, he’s just trying to make a few dollars, so let’s not go too hard on him. He just minded his own business until Obama came along and painted him as a racist sinner.

Hiring this artist to do formal Presidential portraits is like hiring a gangster rapper who says the “N-Word” 50 times in every song to write speeches for Donald Trump.

Maybe the artist knew Obama would get heat for this and painted the worst Presidential portraits on purpose. There’s always that possibility that the artist made them look terrible on purpose, and if he did that, then that would be the funniest prank on a former President ever.

If we know one thing about the portraits, it’s this: they’re terrible.

Is this what Obama was thinking when he decided who to hire?

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Racist Nurses Who Laughed As WWII Vet Died On Camera Just Got Sudden Dose Of Karma

Help me, please…



Nursing homes are supposed to be where our elderly can spend time being taken care of by people who care about humanity. The nurses and aides working in nursing homes should be trusted to take care of loved ones with the best possible love and care that one can give. While it might be “just another job” to some people, other people treat the position as their calling. Those people are giving back to their community and taking care of people who are sometimes too old or ill to take care of themselves. Other people can literally watch someone die and have a good laugh as a man suffers his last breaths on our planet.

Can you imagine being a nurse or aide in a nursing home and having to watch people pass away constantly? It sounds like a horrible situation to be in, which is why it’s essential to have the best possible people working in these facilities. Anyone who cannot provide the care and empathy that people need as they live their last days is undoubtedly a bad match for the job. That seems to have been the case when a WWII Navy veteran passed away as he was begging for help.

His name is James Dempsey, and he was spending time in the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center. Something happened, and he was unable to breathe. He called for help repeatedly, and the nurses failed to act quickly. They also laughed while they were finally starting an oxygen machine to help the man who once served this great country. Slow employee reaction speeds made the man seem like he was drowning out of the water as he gasped for air. Add the sound of the employees laughing as he begged for air and this is the equivalent of someone being waterboarded while people laughed out loud.

Dempsey’s family was reportedly told that the Navy veteran died of natural causes, but those who informed the family must not have known about the camera hidden in Dempsey’s room. The video shows a different story that does not tell a tale about passing away of natural causes. This video explains a story of several women who cross the fine line between murder and chaos.

Fox News reported:
“Two nurses and an aide were indicted Wednesday in the death of an elderly patient, World War II veteran James Dempsey, who died pleading for help while in their care, WXIA-TV reported.

Dempsey’s family, of Woodstock, Ga., hid a camera in the late veteran’s room in the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center which captured the night he died.

The video showed the decorated U.S. Navy veteran repeatedly calling for help, saying he could not breathe. It also showed the nurses failing to take life-saving measures and laughing as they tried to start an oxygen machine.

The channel reported that Brookhaven Police launched an investigation and on Wednesday a grand jury returned an indictment.

Loyce Pickquet Agyeman’s top charge is felony murder; Wanda Nuckles, a nursing supervisor, is charged with depriving an elder of essential services and Mable Turman is charged with neglect to an elder, the report said. Warrants were issued for their arrests.

The nursing home’s attorneys attempted to stop media news outlet WXIA-TV from getting the video, but a DeKalb County judge ruled to unseal the footage.

Nuckles told Dempsey’s family lawyers in the deposition that when she learned the veteran had stopped breathing, she rushed to his room and took over CPR, keeping it up until paramedics arrived, WXIA-TV reported.

However, the secret video showed that nobody was doing CPR when she arrived, and she did not start immediately. After the attorneys showed Nuckles the video, she told them it was an honest mistake, based on her normal reactions.

When the attorneys asked why Nuckles was laughing, she said she did not remember.”

The three women have been charged with numerous crimes and the two nurses have lost their license to practice. It took four years for them to face indictment and the two revoked licenses only happened recently. The facility is still open, despite having such terrible service and low ratings. The situation could see three women placed behind bars for very serious crimes. A man lost his life as he laid on a bed in a building full of people who were supposed to take care of him, but they failed their job, and now they’re being charged with crimes. Anyone who signs up for a job that requires them to take care of other people should be ready, able, and willing to perform the tasks needed to save lives.

Laughing while a man gasps and begs for air, as he lay there passing away, is one of the most horrific ways for someone to spend their last waking moments. That man was a hero who fought for our American freedoms, and the last thing that happened to him was several women laughing and failing at their job.

This is a much younger James Dempsey. He was 89 when he passed away.

James Dempsey served his country in World War II. His family and friends thought he died of natural causes in 2014 at an…

Posted by Andy Pierrotti – Reporter on Monday, November 13, 2017

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FL Shooter’s Attorney Could Be REMOVED From Case After What Just Came Out Overnight!



The public defender paid for by American taxpayers to represent the mass shooting murder Nikolas Cruz could soon be off the job. The judge is reviewing a major piece of information that just came up overnight that is a huge conflict and should impact her ability to represent him. She might not be the only one impacted by this revelation as the plot in this strange scenario has just thickened.

Many hardworking citizens of this nation aren’t happy about the fact that this killer’s trial and incarceration is going to be a big sap on the system. Much of those funds could go to putting programs together to prevent people like him from committing another deadly attack – namely by putting armed guards at public schools. For now, the focus is on recuperating some costs that Cruz has already racked up in his defense in a way that Americans should not have had to pay for.

A public defender is assigned to a person accused of a crime with no means to pay for representation. It’s a right granted to every citizen of this country which comes at a cost. However, Cruz may not actually qualify for the free representation given to him which he’s used over the past week. As it turns out, there’s a big fund in his name he’s entitled to which disqualifies him from using a public defender and would force him to have to hire his own attorney. However, someone has been working behind the scenes since the shooting to claim the cash for themselves.

Biz Pac Review reports:

When the killer of innocent teens gets to have his day in court, taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for his public defender if he can afford his own.

Florida mass murder suspect Nikolas Cruz and his younger brother Zachary could be inheriting $800.000 from the estate of their adoptive mother who died in November 2017.

According to court filings, Nikolas, 19 and Zachery, 18, are the sole beneficiaries of their adoptive mom who died from pneumonia without a will.

That means that Cruz would be able to afford his own private counsel as opposed to using a court-appointed public defender.

Broward County public defender Howard Finkelstein filed a motion on Tuesday to request that a judge conduct a “indigency determination” on Cruz after news of his inheritance surfaced, ABC News reported.

“It could result in us being removed from the case,” Finkelstein told ABC News. “The question here is, are there enough resources to pay for a lawyer?”

Legal bills certainly add up quick and his 50% stake in the $800,000 may not cover what the end total is. However, it should at least be taken and put towards the total cost of his trial. Hoping that doesn’t happen is a random woman Cruz lived with until she kicked him out and is now trying to take control of the total amount belonging to the brothers, even though she’s not related to them.

Immediately after their adoptive mother’s death, the brothers were taken in by Roxanne Deschamps, who was said to be a family friend of the boy’s adoptive mother, Lynda Cruz. Nikolas was later kicked out allegedly over an argument about his guns, which Deschamps claimed she didn’t want in her home. Right before he left to go live with a friend, a source close to Deschamps revealed that she allegedly took $2,900 from Nikolas, according to the New York Post. However, her plans for cashing in on the boys didn’t end there.

Within 24 hours of Cruz’s attack on his former school, Deschamps filed for control over the inheritance, then returned home and had the younger brother involuntarily admitted to a mental hospital.

“The woman left in charge of the accused Florida school shooter and his brother after their mom died last year filed court papers the day after the massacre seeking to be put in charge of the dead woman’s will — then had the alleged shooter’s brother involuntarily committed, a source close to the family revealed to The Post.”

Deschamps stand to gain a judge-approved administrative fee if she becomes administrator of the estate, which seemed to be money she’s been after for a while. “Nikolas told James and Kimberly Snead, who he lived with for three weeks prior to his massacre, that he believed Deschamps was trying to steal his money,” BizPac Review reported.

As for the judge overseeing Cruz’s criminal case, he described this sudden turn of events as a first in his career.

“We are never involved in probate matters,” Finkelstein said. “In the public defender’s office, nobody has ever come up to me and said, ‘Hey Howard, our client may be worth $800,000.’”

Whether Cruz’s public defender will be ultimately kept on the case or not, depending on what the judge decides, his portion of his inheritance shouldn’t go to benefit his former caretaker. She only let him live with her for a couple of months before kicking him out weeks before he committed mass murder. The money could be used toward his case as a dent in what it’s going to cost taxpayers in the long run.

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BREAKING: School Just Saved From FL Copycat Attack When Shooter Didn’t See Who Was Behind Him

The Amount Of Ammo He Had Was…



A Southern California high school was almost shot up, but the plot was foiled when the potential shooter didn’t see who was behind him. The suspect, a 17-year-old student at El Camino High, had allegedly had an issue with a teacher banning headphones during class. It was later that the student accidentally gave away his plot to shoot up the school because he didn’t look behind him when disclosing his plans. The student had stated that they planned to shoot up the school within a few weeks and a school resource officer happened to hear the conversation. That’s when then guard sprung into action. The guard, Marino Chavez, spoke to the student and asked him about the words he had allegedly just uttered about shooting up the school. They had a brief conversation, and Chavez decided this was a serious matter that should be escalated to the next level. The resource officer then escorted the student to the office, and that’s where it became even more insane. What happens next is how we know this security guard is a real hero! Keep in mind that the suspected potential school shooter student had also just argued with a teacher just before saying they were planning to shoot up the school in a few weeks.

After Chavez brought the student to the office, the school employees then spoke with the student about the situation. The student is reported to have an extensive discipline history with the school, so their face was probably familiar to the people in the office. The student suspect confirmed to school officials what he said about shooting up the school in a few weeks. That’s when the situation escalated, and the sheriff’s office was notified.

The sheriff’s office went into action and completed a quick investigation of the student, whose identity is withheld because of his age, and what the law enforcement found was absolutely sickening. Upon investigation of the boy’s home, the authorities found an arsenal of weapons and ammo that could certainly be used to commit a heinous act of terror in a school shooting scenario.

The resources officer is being hailed as a hero for keeping his ears and eyes open, just doing his job, and effectively stopping what could have been another copycat of the horrific school shooting in Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The students arrest also lead to the arrest of his relative, but for different charges.

Whittier Daily News reported more on the incident, which was also picked up by Fox News and numerous mainstream outlets:
“Deputies seized rifles, handguns, ammunition and dozens of high-capacity magazines from the Norwalk home of a student at El Camino High School in south Whittier last week after a security guard overheard the teenager threatening to shoot up the school.

The student, who remains unnamed because he is a minor, was arrested by deputies on suspicion of making criminal threats on Friday, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell at the Hall of Records in downtown L.A. Wednesday.

Also arrested was one of his older brothers, 28-year-old Daniel Eriberto Barcenas, a U.S. Army veteran — deputies said the brother told them the weapons belonged to him. Barcenas was arrested on multiple weapons charges, including possession of an assault rifle and failure to register a firearm.

A resource officer for the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District first heard the threat, according to Robert Jacobsen, an attorney for the district. He said the officer, Marino Chavez, told district officials he heard the student talking about shooting up the school “sometime in the next three weeks.”

The officials then reported the threat to deputies at the sheriff’s station in Norwalk, who found that a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic weapon was registered to the student’s home.

When deputies arrived at the home Friday they found two AR-15 rifles, two handguns and 90 high-capacity ammunition magazines, the sheriff said.

One of the AR-15 rifles was registered to the older brother; the other was unregistered, “which in California is a felony,” McDonnell said. Barcenas told deputies he brought the weapons to California from Texas.”

If not for the school resource officer, then there could have been numerous fatalities in a California school shooting. The alert guard keeps his cool, stays calm, and followed the proper protocol to ensure that the student suspect was dealt with most appropriately. The teen who was arrested had claimed that he was just joking. However, his previous criminal history, a collection of guns that could have been stolen from his brother, and the fact that he said he would threaten to shoot up a school right after a school shooting just happened all raised red flags to the correct people.

America needs armed guards in every school. These are people who can save lives immediately if there’s ever a threat. Every town should put more police on the payroll and allow them to work in the schools to keep people safe. This school resource officer did a fantastic job. If we have more people like him in the schools, then we can work together to prevent more school shootings.

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