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Figure Skater Olympian DESTROYED After Going Too Far This Time – Trump Is Making Him Pay HUGE Price!

He Sure Regrets Doing That Now!!



A bronze medalist Olympic figure skater has spent several weeks being in opposition to the American Vice President, Mike Pence, and had just made another statement. They told the news website, “The Hill,” that they didn’t want their Olympic experience to be “about Mike Pence” but then they got smacked with a side order of reality when a member of the Trump family reminded them of what they already did. It was Donald Trump Jr. who blasted “bronze bottom” figure skater, Adam Rippon, who is very openly gay.

Rippon has spent some time acting un-American by appearing to disrespect VP Mike Pence over the last few weeks, but now it seems like he’s regretting that decision. Mike Pence had Tweeted to Adam Rippon directly in support of him and all of our American athletes. Pence said he was proud of him individually, as well as the rest of the athletes representing the United States of America. That wasn’t enough. Rippon carried on. Rippon was then interviewed, or spoke to, “The Hill,” and he expressed his desires for his Olympics to not be about Mike Pence and him and the underlying feuding that seems to be present.

Donald Trump Jr. stepped in and pressed “Tweet” on a scathing message that called our Rippon for his inconsistency with his issues with Vice President Mike Pence. Trump Jr. then faced the backlash from numerous far left supporters and members of the LGBT crowd. The backlash focused on one slight mistake that may have been a complete oversight, or only taken out of context.

Here is Trump Jr.’s Tweet about, Adam Rippon:

I should point out that Mike Pence did mention Rippon’s name one time. It was a positive and supportive Tweet. Trump Jr. either did not see that message, or he specifically meant that Pence was not talking wrong about one of our American athletes.

Yahoo reported more on the Tweet:
“President Donald Trump’s eldest son responded to a report in The Hill that said Rippon, 28, didn’t want his experience at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, to be defined by his stance against Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump Jr. overlooked one key detail. Pence mentioned Rippon on Twitter just last week, and also reportedly asked to meet with him before the Winter Games.

Rippon, the first openly gay U.S. figure skater to compete in the Olympics, helped Team USA win a bronze medal in the figure skating team event on Monday. Last month, he called out Pence’s alleged intolerance toward the LGBTQ community and blasted the vice president’s decision to lead the U.S. delegation at the opening ceremony. The athlete also said he’d rebuff a White House invite to a post-Games party.

Rippon has not commented on Trump Jr.’s tweet.”

Some people on social media blasted Trump Jr. on the fact that Pence mentioned Rippon’s name one time, but those people forgot to say that it was in support of Rippon – not talking poorly about him like Rippon has done to Pence over the last few weeks. Trump Jr.’s Tweet was most likely a reference to how Pence has not said anything bad about Rippon, nor disrespected him. Pence publically said he was proud of Rippon and the rest of the athletes representing America.

Some others supported Trump Jr. and his blasting of Rippon who brought this entire situation on himself.

Others requested that all political speech should be left out of the Olympics.

One person commented on grammar. There’s always one person who does this when they don’t have anything else to offer to the conversation.

Lastly, there was a Hillary supporter who skipped the topic entirely and talked about impeaching President Trump. Of course, this had nothing to do with the situation between Pence, Rippon, and Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr.’s comment sparked a lot of hateful replies from the left and LGBT community. Trump Jr. had supportive comments as well, but it seems like the hard left continued to troll Trump Jr. and smother the supportive messages. It is within Trump Jr.’s rights to express his opinion towards any situation. That’s his right as an American citizen.

The question we are left with is this – is it worth Trump Jr.’s time to address the situation? Or should Trump Jr. let the figure skater slide back into obscurity?

Please write a comment about what you think he should do. Then share with your friends and have a friendly debate!

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Proud US Olympians Get Nasty Surprise For Winning Gold After Anti-American Athletes Lose Miserably

This was disgusting!!!



The USA women’s hockey team just defeated Canada’s women’s hockey team in a thrilling shootout, finally claiming the gold medal for the USA. It was an exciting event that saw so many happy people cheering for the Americans. However, there was one athlete from the Canadian women’s hockey team who showed the most significant display of unsportsmanlike behavior that one could imagine. It was rightfully disrespectful and not something that should be done in Olympic sporting events or presentations.

The Canadian team lost in the last minute shootout after a 2-2 tie to the United States in the women’s hockey final. This gave the gold medal to the US team for the first time. Canadian Jocelyne Larocque was so upset about this loss that the moment she was given the silver medal she took it off, while she was still on the podium and in front of the whole world. Millions witnessed her disrespect for the second place silver medal and also the disrespect for the American team. The response was not very good. No one wants to win second, but everyone takes their Olympic loss with honor and respect. Sadly, that wasn’t the case when the American women’s hockey team scored the game-winning goal and received the first place gold medal.

Later in an interview, she said it’s frustrating because she worked so hard to get the gold but instead she ended up with the silver. That’s the way sports and competition works. What’s even worse is the fact that when she makes a scene like that, then it loses all value for that silver medal her team just won. She lost all the blood, sweat and tears they all put in practice all those years. No one will ever remember the US win, or the Candian second place finishes anymore, all they will remember is the fact that one of the players on the Canadian team was disrespectful on worldwide tv and brought her team and whole country down by acting this way.

Via The Chicago Tribune:

“Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson skated slowly back and forth toward the net, showing forehand, then leaning quickly to the left to fake a backhand that pulled Canadian goalie Shannon Szabados out of the crease.

On the sport’s biggest stage, against the Americans’ greatest rival, with all her teammates leaning eagerly over the boards watching her every move, the three-time Olympian came back to her forehand to finish off a dazzling, triple-deke move by sliding the puck into the net past the outstretched glove of Szabados for the deciding goal in the sixth round of a shootout thriller.

“I knew when that went in that Maddie was going to stop the next one,” Lamoureux-Davidson said.

That would be 20-year-old goalie Maddie Rooney, who stuffed the last two Canadian shooters to wrap up a 3-2 victory Thursday that snapped the Americans’ 20-year gold medal drought and ended Canada’s bid for a fifth straight title in the first shootout in an Olympic women’s final.

The Americans piled over the boards, throwing gloves in the air before piling on top of Rooney on the ice — 20 years after their last gold medal in women’s hockey and 38 years to the day after the men’s famous “Miracle on Ice” victory over the Soviet team in group play at Lake Placid.

“Joy’s the only word that comes to mind,” said Gigi Marvin, a three-time Olympian and at 30 the oldest American on the roster.

This victory capped a year that started with the Americans threatening a boycott of the world championships to secure more money and the same kind of treatment that USA Hockey gives to the men’s team.

“They should make a movie on it,” forward Hilary Knight said. “We had all the drama and everything. It’s sort of a storybook ending to an incredible series of accomplishments.”

Nothing was more incredible than the move by Lamoureux-Davidson, who decided to use the deke called “Oops, I did it again ” — something she had practiced uncounted times in practice, skating around tires set up on open ice to mimic defenders.

“I’m just thrilled beyond words,” the beaming Lamoureux-Davidson said with a U.S. flag draped around her shoulders and gold hanging on her chest. “I’ve butchered it a thousand times, just ran into tires, tripped over tires just working on my hands. Just glad it worked out this time.”

Her twin, Monique Lamoureux-Morando , said coach Peter Elander, now at Ohio State, had taught the sisters the shootout move when the three were at the University of North Dakota.

“Not everyone can take the pressure like that, and she took it like a champ,” she said.

Marvin and Amanda Kessel also scored in the shootout, another nail-biter ending four years after Canada won its fourth-straight gold medal in Sochi after rallying to stun the Americans in overtime.”

It’s not like she has never won gold before. The Canadian team has won the gold for the past four Olympics. Maybe her best bet would have just been to just suck it up, say it was not your day, and go back into the locker room to throw a tantrum. Instead, this video clip will be used for generations to show future athletes what you don’t do on worldwide television.

Maybe now the Olympics will have to incorporate a mandatory sportsmanship etiquette course before being allowed to compete in the Olympic games, don’t you agree?

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Disgraced Lindsey Vonn Just Sent Sick Threat To Trump After Being DENIED WH Visit After HUGE Loss



The 2018 winter games weren’t what US downhill skier and former gold medalist Lindsey Vonn expected. She paved her way to PyeongChang with hateful verbal attacks and demands for President Donald Trump, proudly wearing a massive chip on her shoulder. She arrogantly went into the Olympics wearing her anti-Trump attitude like a gold medal and lost an actual medal, which was a first for the frontrunner in eight years. She blamed the president for this massive defeat, despite bringing it on herself. Rather than licking her wounds and slipping quietly out of South Korea, Vonn wasn’t done and decided to destroy her career for good by issuing a disturbing threat to the president.

After spending months of her preparation time spewing divisive message about hers and our president, proving herself to be a loser, she suffered a catastrophic loss in South Korea last week she wasn’t prepared for. Rather than coming out as the winner, she came in fifth place and realized she was the latest victim of the “Trump Curse.” Making matters worse, she didn’t just lose the race she expected to dominate, the skier who “took” the gold medal from Vonn that she was there to defend, was not a skier at all. Everything combined that contributed to her demise, was likely what led Vonn into addressing her nemesis with a vengeful threat of what’s coming now after her failed competition.

Gold medalist Ester Ledecka from the Czech Republic, who typically competes in snowboarding, didn’t even have a pair of skis in South Korea and had to borrow a friend’s when she entered into the Super-G race against Vonn on a whim and won. It had to have been a massive blow to Vonn’s ego who expected to be the winner of her sport and use her status to perpetuate hate against the president of the country she was representing.

When that didn’t happen, her hate for Trump must have gone into overdrive but she should have learned her lesson. Now, it’s too late.

Vonn wasn’t done with her hate tour against Trump and has more in store for the president. According to the Daily Mail, despite the massive backlash she’s received for trashing Trump, she has threatened him not backing down in her pursuit to destroy him.

Daily Mail reports:

Lindsey Vonn has shot back at social media trolls who inundated her with abuse on Saturday when she failed to medal and said her ‘bad’ performance was payback for her previous anti-Trump remarks.

Before traveling to Pyeongchang to take part in the Winter Olympics, Vonn, 33, said she would not celebrate any victory she might receive at the White House.

In a December 7 interview, she made her opinion of Trump and the current administration clear, saying that she was not there to represent him or them but was there for the “people of the United States.”

“I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president. I take the Olympics very seriously and what they mean and what they represent, what walking under our flag means in the opening ceremony. I want to represent our country well. I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that,” she said told CNN in December.

In the same interview, Vonn fired back “absolutely not” when asked if she would accept an invitation to Trump’s White House.

“Absolutely not. Nope. But I have to win to be invited. No, actually, I think every US team member is invited, so no, I won’t go,” she said. She later doubled down on them, saying the rest of the world no longer viewed America as a country of hope.

In recent weeks, she has complained online about the lack of financial support the government gives the Olympics and she has also called on Congress for tighter gun laws in wake of the Parkland high school shooting on Valentine’s Day.

The only person Vonn can blame is herself for promoting hate and negativity and bringing that to the slopes which resulted in exactly what results from that kind of mindset. She also chose to ignore the impact that an openly anti-Trump attitude has on athletes by partnering with the NFL who just experienced fan and revenue loss in devastating proportion for this same reason, rather than realizing the same would happen to her. Trashing the president always proves end badly for public people and that’s not Trump’s fault.

You don’t have to like who is in the White House or have voted for him, but sports are no place for politics. Americans have proven without a shadow of a doubt that they don’t appreciate athletes ruining their sports and entertainment with offensive messages about our country and Commander-in-Chief. So, Vonn, carry on with your desire to “not back down” in your attack on the president and see where that takes your legacy.

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Americans DISGUSTED At Nasty Message US Olympians Are Wearing On Their Crotches!



As you can all probably recall, last week we at Freedom Daily brought you some very disturbing, yet funny, news about the 2018 Winter Olympics and the uniform the USA speed skaters were wearing.

Via Freedom Daily:

What on God’s green earth did Under Armor do and how was this approved? Social media was buzzing about a picture which came out of an American Olympic speed skater wearing this year’s approved uniform. Since I couldn’t even believe what I saw, I took some time to research to see if the picture was even real. And as it turns out, it is, but that’s not the whole story.

As you can see Under Armor decided it was a good idea to highlight the inner thighs, probably where the uniform has extra reinforcements because of friction. But once the skating starts and competitors bend down to go faster, the uniform climbs up and it ends up looking like a weird alien vagina.

The question I have for Under Armor and the Olympic sanctioning board is, didn’t any of you geniuses even think of having a skater try one of these on and researching how the uniform performs? And what it looks like after the race is over?

From what I have read Under Armor likes to put gray accents on their black speed skating uniforms, and that’s fine. But couldn’t they have at least had one of the receptionists in the office try on one of the uniforms and bend over to see what it would look like after competition? Under Armor is a great company who sells excellent products and I am sure this was just a foolish oversight. In the meantime, the uniforms are the laughing stock of the 2018 Olympics.

The Americans in the Olympics represent our great country. The uniforms were given to the speed skaters sure look very strange and we hope the next set of uniforms is much better.

Via Yahoo Sports:

The explanation from the uniform design company, Under Armour, is of course science-based: “ArmourGlide”. (insert bad joke here)

We now have added information on this uniform fiasco of epic proportions.

Since Under Armour was under pressure after the 2014 Sochi Olympics when the speedskaters had to completely ditch the “Skin Suit” uniforms developed in conjuncture with Lockheed Martin halfway through the 2014 games because of discomfort, which many believe was the reason Team USA failed to get a medal in speed skating which hadn’t happened since 1984.

Via Mashable:

A few hours later, speed skating team members requested to wear their old uniforms — an Under Armour suit that came before the flap-filled models — for the rest of the Olympics.

But that created a whole new mess. According to another subsequent Journal report, the speed skating team is actually split between athletes who favor the new suits and athletes who want to go back to the old ones.

International Olympic Committee Rules, however, state that all members of a given team must wear the same exact uniforms, meaning American skaters can’t just wear whichever suit they prefer unless some sort of official exemption is made.

At time of this writing, there had been no final resolution to the speed skating suits’ troubled saga. An unconfirmed ESPN report said the team ultimately agreed to scrap the new duds for the old ones.

What is undeniable is that the American team is winless in six races. Not one of its members has finished higher than seventh so far. The men’s 1,500-meter race — where Davis can redeem himself — is Saturday, with three more races to follow in the ensuing days.

No matter what happens, someone’s likely to come out looking bad. If the U.S. keeps the new suits and continues losing, Under Armour will be dragged through more mud. If the U.S. changes suits and keeps losing, they’ll have no one else to blame.

The only ideal outcome would be if the Americans keep the new Under Armour suits and somehow turn their performance around. But that seems unlikely. On Valentine’s day of all days, the long-term relationship between Under Armour and US Speedskating seems in jeopardy.

Being under pressure because of the 2014 fiasco Under Armour developed a new technology which they proudly branded “ArmourGlide.” And that’s the vagina looking design we see today.

ArmourGlide is supposed to be a new fabric technology which totally ends the huge problem speed skaters have, and some runners, with skin chafing around the inner thigh region. The US speed skating uniforms are supposed to be a shade of Navy Blue but Under Armour hasn’t yet been able to confirm if the material can only be produced in the color gray. If the material can’t be produced in any other color may be what Under Armour should have done is just made the whole area gray so no odd design would be seen once the skater’s uniforms would ride up. Or maybe it was just a financial reason since it’s doubtful the material is cheap enough to make a big area out of it, so they decided to use just enough for the area that’s needed.

Early Friday, the company released this statement from SVP of Innovation Kevin Haley:

Under Armour will continue to partner with USA Speed Skating throughout the Sochi competition to help ensure these incredible athletes are best positioned to skate with confidence and capture a spot on the podium. We are committed to providing Team USA with the best possible gear, and Mach 39 is the most scientifically advanced and rigorously tested suit ever featured in Olympic competition. While a multitude of factors ultimately determine on-ice success, many skaters have posted personal-best sea-level heat times, split times or race times this week, and we’re rooting for that to translate into medals over these next couple of days

No matter what the reason is, the US team is now the laughing stock of the Olympics, but at least they won’t be having any issue with chafing anytime soon. I doubt Under Armour really thought this one through, don’t you agree?

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