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UNFOLDING NOW: 3 Shot In NSA Compound Ambush! Attacker In Police Custody!




The eyes of the nation are turned to Maryland as we’re reminded of just how quickly things can change. Fort Meade, the home of the NSA, is under attack this morning in what can only be described as a pointed attack on the military installation, by what is as yet an unidentified suspect.

This attack happened in the form of ramming an SUV into the gates. The most recent information available informs us that the occupants of the vehicle were denied entry onto the grounds, and they apparently didn’t take the news well. It’s unclear why they were denied access, what they wanted to do once they got in, or who was responsible for the attack. The Baltimore Sun reports that gunfire did ensue, and more than one person was taken to the hospital as a result (all times are published in Eastern Standard):

“The driver of a black SUV attempted to access the NSA campus at Fort Meade, prompting police to fire on the vehicle before it struck a concrete barrier at the Anne Arundel County installation, federal officials said.

NSA officials said ‘several individuals’ were taken to hospitals, but that initial information indicates none of the injuries were a result of gunfire.

The FBI is investigating.

The incident took place around 7 a.m. at the Canine Road gate, where authorities surrounded a handcuffed man after a black SUV ran into a concrete barrier.

‘The situation is under control and there’s no ongoing security or safety threat,’ an NSA statement said.”

As you can imagine, this is more than a small incident. Not only is an Army base under attack, but it’s also the army base with some of the most critical national security officials in the nation. The NSA plays a crucial role in keeping Americans safe, and if a person did want to make a more significant attack on the U.S., it makes sense that they would want to take that out first.

Usually a car ramming a concrete barricade isn’t something that the White House addresses, but in this case, the location makes a lot of red flags fly up:

“President Donald Trump has been ‘briefed on the shooting at Ft. Meade,’ and the White House offers thoughts and prayers with those who have been affected, spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said.

The Associated Press is reporting that one person is being held in connection with the incident.

All other gates to the campus are open, Fort Meade officials said.

Maryland State Highway Administration reopened MD 32 before 9 a.m. after it had been shut down in both directions at Canine Road in response. Fort Meade officials urged motorists to take alternate routes and ‘expect long delays.’

The Anne Arundel County Fire Department assisted the Fort Meade Fire Department and cleared the scene around 8:45 a.m., spokesman Russ Davies tweeted.

Residual traffic delays were expected, according to officials. School buses that use Route 32 and surrounding roads might be delayed Wednesday morning, Anne Arundel County Public Schools said.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools spokesman Bob Mosier said Meade Senior High School is operating as usual.

The FBI tweeted it ‘is aware of the incident at Fort Meade’ and is sending personnel to the scene.” 

Attacks like this are always troubling, but it’s clear that the government is taking it very seriously. FBI involvement, highways being shut down and investigations underway. It’s safe to say that some gate guards found out how to use their training today. It would be great to say that this was the first time an attack like this had happened, but it’s not.

“In March 2015, one person was killed in a firefight that erupted after a car with two people on board tried to ram a gate at Fort Meade.

In that incident, the driver ignored commands to stop, the NSA said, and barriers were deployed.

The vehicle accelerated, the NSA said, and agency police opened fire. The vehicle crashed into a police vehicle.

One of the vehicle’s occupants died at the scene, the NSA said. The other was taken to a local hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest, according to a firefighter who was at the scene.”

11 a.m. e.t. update:

In a confusing statement that was released mid-morning by the NSA, the agency clarified that, while weapons were discharged during this morning’s attempted gate-ramming, none of the injured parties were struck by the gunfire.

Unfortunately, we might not ever get the complete story, because of the potential national security risks, but this is still very much an evolving situation.

…The incident is now “under control” and an investigation is underway…

This is an excellent reminder that we are still a country at war. Everything we do has to be done with national defense in mind, whether that’s budget allocations or how we allow immigrants to enter. We’re all still just one bad day away from the way we were in 2001. Thankfully, the brave men and women at Fort Meade made sure that today wasn’t that day.

Kat Stevens is a Constitutional Originalist who’s main goal is to keep the wool from being pulled over your eyes. She believes that the liberal agenda will always depend on you being uneducated and easy to manipulate. Her mission is to present the news in a straightforward yet engaging manner, disproving as much liberal propaganda as possible along the way. She believes that we must stay as informed as we can because when it comes to Washington “...this is our circus and those are our monkeys.”

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Florida School Security Guard Who Let Shooter Kill Kids Just Caught Hiding HUGE Secret



Just over a week after one of the largest mass school shootings since Sandy Hook took place, the country has finally learned that there was an armed campus cop present at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the deadly attack. The was a fact that was seemingly withheld as all of the media coverage was focused on politicizing the tragedy and pushing for gun control. Now we’re learning more about why the one man empowered to stop the attacker from killing more people, who didn’t run into the school like the hero first responders and intentionally hid outside instead.

One student witness, frustrated by complete inaccuracies he was seeing on television, finally got his first-hand account out to the media when he mentioned something strange about the campus security guard. “The only armed person in the school, the SRO, was reportedly nowhere to be found during the time of the attack and it shows in the fact that Cruz managed to vacate the school unscathed,” Stoneman Senior Brandon Minoff said. Since that admission, authorities have confirmed that to be true along with a sick secret about the guard.

Daily Mail reports:

A police officer who was on duty at a Florida high school and did nothing to stop gunman Nikolas Cruz when he started his massacre has been suspended.

Deputy Scot Peterson, who was armed with a handgun, didn’t follow police procedure and immediately confront Cruz when he started his rampage killing 17 people with an AR-15 assault rifle, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s department.

Instead, he took cover at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for upwards of four minutes and “never went in,” according to Sheriff Scott Israel who said Peterson’s actions left him “Sick to my stomach. There are no words.”

Israel added that the school resources officer should have “gone in, addressed the killer and killed the killer.”

What’s even more shocking, is that in 2016, Peterson had been personally made aware of Cruz’s vile Instagram posts that detailed his plans to shoot up the school. He did nothing then, just like he did nothing once he actually attacked the school as he said he would.

A description of where Peterson hid and why explained by Coral Springs Officer Tim Burton in an interview with the New York Times, sheds more light into the grossly negligent deputy.

“Burton said Peterson ‘was seeking cover behind a concrete column leading to a stairwell,’ because he was worried Cruz could be lurking in the lot. He said Peterson couldn’t hear gunshots or screams to lead him to the precise location of the shooting,” the Daily Mail reported.

Peterson is now defending his sickening actions, saying he “believed he did a good job,” and fulfilled his duty by “calling in location and description of gunman.” Ironically, Peterson now has personal security standing guard outside his home, protecting him from news reporters and perhaps retaliation, since clearly, he’s unable to protect anyone, including himself.

Peterson should have been a person out issuing parking tickets, not responsible for protecting an entire school of children which he had not intentions of saving. As a 33-year veteran of the police force, he was paid pretty well for not doing his job, making a base annual salary of $75,673.72, according to Jeff Bell, the president of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association. “With longevity and first-responder bonuses, he was probably making closer to $80,000,” Bell added. It’s unfathomable why he would get first responder bonuses without actually being a first responder when he was supposed to.

This deputy had no right to wear a badge and uniform and present himself as someone who could be trusted to serve and protect when he didn’t feel confident inside to do that. Perhaps when he took the job at Stoneman Douglas High, he was hoping to be a glorified hall monitor. That’s essentially all he was in the end as he hid behind a concrete post and for four minutes, listening to 17 people scream for their lives as they were being gunned down and wondering when he would come save them. He never did, he escaped before they could, sacrificing their lives for his own safety.

This proves that the real solution isn’t just putting armed guards at schools. It ensuring that each person trusted to protect has the wherewithal to do their job and use their gun. It’s not just about having good guys with guns for protection, it’s about having good guys with guns who can and will use it if and when the time comes. The deputy coward could have and should have killed Cruz, sparing an unknown number of lives and hundreds of thousands in taxpayer money that will now be used to incarcerate this individual for years.

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Obnoxious Shooting Victims Meltdown And Refuse Trump’s Visit, So He Refused Something Of Theirs

President Trump will discuss matters with people who are intelligent enough to sit in a room



Victims are speaking out after America witnessed 17 murders in a horrific Florida school shooting. A young male with a troubled history avoided red flags and was able to purchase a gun in Florida, then proceed to shoot up a school in Parkview. Florida authorities and the FBI had plenty of chances to intervene, but the warning signs and red flags went ignored. The FBI was tipped off, police were called about him many times, teachers gave warnings, the guy said he would be a school shooter, and there was what seemed to be a million red flags that went ignored, and that’s why he was able to commit his selfless act of mass murder. Some of the victims and survivors of the school shooting that happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are finally speaking out, and some of them are refusing to meet with President Trump.

President Donald Trump is expected to visit Florida to meet with survivors and victims from the Parkland area school shooting to console them and discuss whatever is on their minds. Two students have stated that they refuse to meet with the President, proving once again that liberalism is the opposite of being progressive. The students who refuse to meet the President and openly discuss their concerns is the exact reason why progress will be slow or nonexistent for some things. Refusal to openly converse does not accomplish anything.

President Trump will take something away from them. He takes away their chance to have an open discussion that may have been the reason that more gun control laws were put in place to help prevent the wrong people from getting weapons. If the students want to act like the kids that they are, then Trump takes away their chance to make progress. Now their anti-gun narrative is thrown in the trash, and these two kids just stopped or slowed any chance of improvement with the next step in protecting Americans.

If you look closely, you’ll see the students also resemble future protesters. Sad.

Independent Journal Review provided more on the Presidential diss:
“Two students who survived the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, last week said they are skipping an upcoming “listening session” with President Donald Trump.

“I believe we’ve been invited, but neither of us are going,” Emma Gonzalez said on CNN’s “New Day” alongside fellow survivor David Hogg.

The president’s visit comes just days after 19-year-old gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, killing 17 people and injuring more than a dozen others. Trump will meet with students Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.

Gonzalez said they have a prior town hall meeting with CNN anchor Jake Tapper, Shareblue reported, but skipping the session is likely a result of their pro-gun control perspectives.

When host Alisyn Camerota asked Gonzalez about the National Rifle Association, she said the pro-gun lobbying group should “disband, dismantle … don’t make another organization under a different name. Don’t you dare come back here.”

There’s a slight problem in this interview with Emma and David. The problem is that CNN interviewed them and there’s a very high chance that the students were told what to say. Most kids this age aren’t talking about politics, gun control, nor do they have any interest in any of these topics that tend to be more popular among adults. It’s with my firm belief that the two students are either guided by hardcore leftist liberals or CNN has pushed a narrative upon them. Maybe CNN’s employees said to the kids “hey do you want to be on TV? OK, great! Here’s what you have to say” as they pushed a scripted barrel of nonsense upon the kids who will almost always do anything to be on TV. Kids do anything for attention today, more so than they ever did.

If the kids aren’t shooting up schools, then they’re eating Tide Pods and sitting on their smartphone for 20 hours per day. Today’s generation has lost almost all touch with the personal connection. Kids don’t even know what their friends sound like on the phone anymore. Everyone is just another profile on the screen, some text messages, and anything for likes.

While these kids are yapping about their fake obsession with gun control, there are real people in the world working to make it a better place for everyone.

President Trump will discuss matters with people who are intelligent enough to sit in a room with him and trade ideas that help make America great. Let’s not forget folks, securing America is an adult’s job and the politicians need to get it done. We’re not going to take advice from a know-nothing teenager anyway.

While people were complaining about Trump, he was busy visiting victims and first responders.

Think twice before criticizing Trump and his dedication to Americans.


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Well, Well, Well, Photos Caught Who Outspoken Shooting Witness Was With Before Deadly School Attack

It’s been a week since one of the most deadly school shootings in America took place



It’s been a week since one of the most deadly school shootings in America took place and in the days since that heinous attack, the media has narrowed their focus to just a few witnesses. After several days of only hearing and seeing these individuals, people began to wonder who they were and why this enormous tragedy had become mostly about them.

We’ve already learned why witness David Hogg specifically has become a media darling who was not plucked from obscurity as one of many students in the building that tragic day. He holds himself well in front of the camera as speaks well to one side of the political issue about what could prevent school shootings.  However, he’s been found in something else after seeing where he was at and who he was with before the attack that his face is now synonymous with.

Hogg holds himself pretty well in front of the camera speaking about political issues like an expert. Some say that he’s an advocate for gun control and feel that he’s President Trump’s current number one antagonist. Perhaps the media got lucky with pulling the right witness out of hundreds, who can speak to their agenda and have an impact on what they’re trying to achieve. As we reported earlier today, Hogg is the son of a former FBI agent and has been a “key” witness on camera in another breaking news incident across the country from where he lives in Florida. Now more questions are swirling about him after some of his private photos that have surfaced.

CNN and CBS love Hogg and feature him often in their coverage of the Parkland shooting. He’s always available for comment and has used his screen time to say that his classmates and teachers would still be alive today had Trump done his job and imposed stricter gun control laws.

Hogg even chose to spend time at CNN’s Town Hall instead of President Trump. Perhaps this is in part due to the teen’s familiarity with the CNN news studio, since he had been there before the shooting.

True Pundit reports:

Hogg ranted live on CNN and CBS and all other networks as his anti-Trump and anti-GOP gun control comments went viral in the mainstream media vacuum.

Liberal Nation applauded.

But now we learn Hogg was hanging out at CNN headquarters in Atlanta, GA sometime Before the school shooting. Before the shooting. Posing behind a news anchor desk? Perhaps Hogg’s career dream is to sign on with the network — a young Jake Tapper — as he has portrayed himself since the deadly shooting that claimed 17 students as a “student journalist and entrepreneur.”

Welcome to the Big Leagues.

Then after, Hogg goes on CNN live to rant about Trump and the conservatives.

Beyond coincidence.

Hogg also likes to sport his CNN T-shirt to school and beyond.

A look at Hogg’s Twitter account that he describes himself as “MSD class of 2018, Sun Sentinel Teenlink reporter, Student filmmaker, entrepreneur, surfer and part-time dreamer.” His desire to become famous and pursue a career in mainstream news is evident and maybe he found his opportunity in tragedy to launch his dreams and make a name for himself.

While there is a conspiracy theory going around about Hogg not actually being a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, that claim seems to be unfounded, as it does appear that he really does attend school there. Pictures posted in 2016 and 2017 on his Twitter profile show him on the campus and talking about the school. However, his aspirations have not been widely publicized in the media who love to feature him. Is he’s saying what needs to be said to get attention, a reaction, praise, and perhaps open the doors to opportunities within the field he’s seeking? Some seem to think so, but unless Hogg himself admits that publicly, it’s only speculation.

There’s no problem with Hogg chasing his dreams or having a different opinion than conservatives on the gun control debate. The issue is that if he’s possibly pushing a divisive message for personal gain and not necessarily as a genuine, heartfelt conviction of what’s needed after enduring unthinkable horror, then that’s not right. Americans need to come together with the common goal of preventing another tragedy from happening again, after what Hogg unfortunately witnessed. He’s in a powerful position to share his genuine message to truly help that happen. We hope that he, or anyone else who suffered through that horror, are able to share their real convictions without outside influence or ulterior motives.

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